10 Great Apps to Teach Your Preschooler about Money

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iphone-appsI know what you’re thinking: isn’t four years old a little early to learn about money?  In truth it is never too soon to start teaching kids about the value of money (and particularly working to earn it).  Plus, this is just the right age for learning numbers, although you could start even earlier, depending on the child.  So if you’re looking to help your kid get a leg up in this area, here are a few apps for your smartphone or tablet that could start them off on the right foot.

  1. Count Money – Coin Matching Game.  This basic app for Apple devices teaches kids to identify coins and then count up how many there are.  As a bonus, you can add your own voice to the game.  It’s a good place to start with children who aren’t familiar with money and it can be yours for free.
  2. MakeChange.  This is like an extension of Count Money by which Apple users can not only count coins, but also tally up their monetary value, and all for the bargain price of seven quarters, two dimes, and four pennies.
  3. P2K Money.  This free app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will help kids learn to save for items they want, see past successes that resulted in purchases, and learn about income and expenses.  That may sound advanced, but it’s rated for ages 4+.
  4. Kids Money.  Another one for your favorite iDevice, this pocket money calculator helps your kids to turn the money they have into items they want by calculating how much they have and how much more they need to reach their goals.  Great graphics make it fun for younger kids.
  5. Save!  The Game.  Yet another free creation for the Apple set, this fun game allows kids to collect coins that they have to resist spending on toys and candy as they make their way to the bank.
  6. Bank of Mom.  This iDevice app is great for moms that want to hold the purse strings while teaching kids about virtual money management (and it’s only $1.99).  It allows Mom to add money to real bank accounts while letting kids track their numbers via smartphone or tablet.  They can add or remove funds and view transactions.
  7. Peter Pig’s Money Counter.  Teaching kids to sort and count coins is just as easy with an Android device as it is with an iPhone.  This free app will teach kids to recognize coins and add up their values, including counting different types of coins.
  8. Girls/Boys Own Money Box.  This $0.99 app for Android won’t give your kids real money, but it will allow them to see what happens when they add virtual coins to their collection, making the value of their money box go up.  Available in pink for girls and blue for boys.  Just a note: this one uses UK coins, not US.
  9. EZ Money Counter.  BlackBerry has few apps to help you teach kids about using their money, but this one allows you to demonstrate that the amount of coins they hold is different than the value of the coins.  Five nickels is not five cents; it’s twenty-five.  And now your kids can calculate what every handful of coins is actually worth.  It’s yours for just $0.99.
  10. Kids Math Quiz.  While this handy BlackBerry app is not necessarily geared at money, it will teach your kids basic, kindergarten level math (adding, subtracting, and so on) that can prepare them to learn about money.  Counting is an essential skill when it comes to money-handling and for $9.99 you’ll have tons of games that provide a fun way to master mathematics.  It may not keep them from getting bad credit cards one day, but it will put them ahead of the game when it comes to counting their money.
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